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Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I came across this interesting piece of software - it could be pretty useful if you want to display stats stuff graphically...

treemap home

it also has a feature to map your HD that way, but a word of caution, it uses JAVA runtime and can really chew your machine up if you have a lot of HD (mine could not handle 20 GB) - so start with something smaller since you can map at any folder level, just to get a feel for it first.

Would be interested to hear if anyone successfully maps their entire HD, since I know a lot of you guys have HOT machines.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
you mean it's full?

I wasn't quite clear - when I said 20GB that's roughly the folder size I was mapping - but yeah, if you tried your whole 180 GB drive it could struggle... unless most of the files on there are GB sizes, but that I'd have trouble believing....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Thought I should let everyone here know about this - a reply to an email I sent about my useage of treemap...

Thank you for your feedback.
Believe me, you couldn't explain it better!!
It is neither a bug nor a nasty recursion but
an inefficient algorithm used for that part
(ALL_NOMINAL_STRINGS_TO_COLORS) in step 3 of directory
mapping. We were aware of the problem and tried to fix
it in 4.0 but it turned out to require a lot of effort
and before the algorithm could safely be refactored, we
had to switch our efforts toward working on 4.1.

For you to know, the inefficient algorithm will no longer
exist in 4.1 versions of Treemap because I replaced it with
a much more efficient algorithm. (Gouthami's help was invaluable
to detect the source of the problem in terms of implementation
details and offer the idea to effectively solve it.)

You may want to wait until we post 4.1 and try to map
your hard drive with that version of Treemap.
Since you could see the 3rd step, I'm pretty sure
that Treemap will be able to map your hard drive because
step 3 requires very little memory than step1 and 2 together.
In fact, the change in waiting time for step 3 is so big that
generally speaking
while in the old version step 3 was the most time consuming step,
in the new version step 3 will be the fastest leaving step 1 and 2 as the
bottleneck for the process.

best regards,
Aleks Aris

So there you go - wait for 4.1 and you can use itin earnest... I think it's a cool way to see what's hogging your HD - esp. if you have multi user accounts.

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