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Trash a Toyota


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We get it here in the states. I can't remember which channel probably BBC america though.

That is one tough truck!!
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I saw that last night on Top Gear. It is on "BC America" in the states .. it was an awesome show. I'll be watching it some more .. I can not believe the amount of abuse that thing took. They put it through everything.

I still would'nt take a toyota if it was given to me. Well I would, but I would trade it in for either a nissan titan or a silverado 2500 super duty the same day .


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The Veyron is one nice looking car, I remember watching the episode on a re-run on BBC a while back. It's most likely floating around on video google or youtube.com as well :D


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no prob, you know what? if i were you and dont mind downloading other episodes i would if i were you, because this show is just too good, they have a great sense of humor and know how to present a show

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