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Does anyone know how i could make lettering that is saved as a gif or png, transparent in photoshop?


ps this is rather urgent so any replies welcome.


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Type in the letters you want on a transpent background(make a new one) then when you go to save it as a .gif, make sure the box is checked that says "Transparent". I can go into more detail if you need it be. Hope that helps :D


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zeke thanks for the response, but thats not what i mean.

The words are already an image not words, so think of it as an picture that looks like words that i need to make transparent, like if i drew the letter a instead of typing it, how would i make it transparent.


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xtweaker said:
Let me know if you need any more help, I studied Photoshop and Illustrator in college, I know them very well.
I took some class too, they didn't really teach me much of what I already knew :s
I would have said use the selection wand and then press delete, it can be fairly effective though there is the extract option as well under filter which is more effective if the background isnt a solid colour


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geffy i was doing that, but for some reason it would not work in rgb mode, so i had to switch to index mode and then it would work. god that was annoying.

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