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Hey anyone out there ever heard of a plug-in or a proggie that can translate foreign websites into english on the fly ???

I always find foreign website in my search engine queries that probably have the answer im looking for but I can’t speak japanese, dutch, russian, etc... I can sometimes meander through the page using english keywords but that’s about it.

What I would really like to have is IE 6 convert languages for me on the fly.

Any advise or general feedback will be appreciated.

Dear Mr. English is the universal language and I am OK with it. (no offence, but think how funny it would sound)

Your probably like "whatever!!!"


Have you ever used ???

Well.. you can get a plug-in (IE 5.x versions only) for that from microsoft's site...

Well... the other day when I was browsering throw Japanese official PlayStation 2 page... I did use the translator, and was thinking myself that what if there was a built in software instead of just a depending on a server... like a drop down box on your browser that gives you the option to Translate to any language or even just the most famous languages... that would be something awesome we can see, since internet in our brain/imagination means universal...

Well... after all of these sweet talk... no I don't know any built in plug in for the browser... sorry...
If you use to search it normally can translate the page for you... has a link " translate page" next to the result...


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