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Hey, im a bit new at changing operating systems... I really never had too since xo has been out... I have just bought a new machine when new software came out...
By installing vista on my pc will i have to loose everything?
Or will vista be able to take over the windows instalation and leave my stuff there...
Just like almost every version of Windows until now has supported upgrades from the previous version, Vista will support upgrades from XP. The latest CTP is actually the first build that supports this.


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many people will say you should always start with a fresh install when installing an OS. Probably mostly due to the buggy nature of previous upgrades. However i've had upgrades that work fine and i think Vista would probably be very good with ti. Of course always backup any important data first anyway :)

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your vista is a beta and time bombed, not likely you can run that for too long, probably 6 months, 3 months, a year, something like that, it probably says how long the beta is good for in the eula...but to your technical question

I have never had a problem with an upgrade

still, I'd backup, partition and dual boot , when vista is running smoote, migrate your info, then delete whatever you want from the dual boot, even the entire partition

you can also save an image of your os untill everything is done to your satisfaction on your vista.
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If you can upgrade a Windows 2000 Server to Windows Server 2003 and run it without any problems for nearly a year then it is safe to assume upgrades work out fine. The only thing you want to do is refresh your drivers with the latest version.


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From experience I would reccommend doing a fresh install personally, as you won't get any glitches that sometimes appear when doing an upgrade install (like programs that aren't fully compatible until updates or some registry keys not being understood).

Having said this it should be stable whatever you decide to upgrade or install fresh.

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