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transform XP into longhorn



Here is a download I found that I guess many people are interested in, but are never able to find.

I did not make this file. Someone else did.
I did, however, make some changes and add some stuff to it.

Longhorn Transformation Zip


Originally posted by jpoid1982

Longhorn Transformation Zip
This is very handy if you like MS inspired interfaces.
IMO Mac interfaces are nicer (and yes before this get's hot, I use both PC&Mac.)
Nicer still is the ability to create your own schemes etc, and truly personalise your interface. They're are plenty of apps about that facilitate this.
Not knocking what you've posted mate - It's an improvement over XP's default interface. Whatever floats your boat!, and if ya like it then all the better. Just think MS aren't really "leaders" in graphic design. Nor innovation come to that!! :rolleyes: :D ;)


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i got a good question ...if ya used the files included to patch xp to make it look like longhorn .....how do you change it back?

Shamus MacNoob

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I did not try it but it looks cool , there is no uninstall with that?

I guess a restore point is in order before using this just in case it mucks up something ....


. . . . . . . . .
I'm setting this up on a test machine at work. WIll experiment with system changes to see how it reacts, and try to restore without the use of a restore point.

Will report on this shortly. :)


you can revert to an old visual style by going to themes in display properties.

For the boot screen, I would recommend BootXP.
It allows you to go back to your original boot screen if you so desire.

For the login screen, I would recommend Logon Loader.
It too allows you to revert back to the original.

Explorer.exe needs to be changed really if you use the classic start menu like I do.
I replaces the Windows XP written on the left to Longhorn.

I would use a program called replacer for changing system files.
If you make a backup copy of the files before you replace them, you can reverse the process if you decide you dont like how your computer looks.

Hope these tips help.



If you use Replacer it automatically creates backup copies and it also deals with system file protection. Wheras the Instructions.txt file inside the zip doesn't mention it with a single word. Following these instructions will never work.
If you use all of the files included make sure you know how to use the recovery console before you try it. It not only replaces explorer.exe but also ntoskrnl.exe and msgina.dll. If anything goes wrong you won't be able to start Windows.


. . . . . . . . .
Well, got it working after 3 crashes. Me likes the exisitng XP stuff better (with a customized VS of course).

Too much hub-bub over very little, in my opinion. I'll wait for the next OS release if I want my sys to look like it. :)


Well I tried it with every option. I liked all of the themes involved with every thing but changing the system files I am not sure was really worth it. It seems to put a slight drag on my computer and really only changes 1-2 screens which you will never see anyways! Not worth the system files change, change the theme though!


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i'm downloading this now, ive been converting bits n bobs of my computer over to long horn for some part of this morning. thanx for the download.

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