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transfering audio..


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i have a cassette tape with some audio on, that i want to get on my computer as an mp3 so i can then burn it too a disk, so i will have the audio on cd other than cassette.

whats the easiest and quickest way to do this, i'm aware i will need wires to link things to my computer, but what and where does it all go? and what programs do i need?


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Have a look at dbpoweramp. Make sure you get the correct plugins required. This thing has it all. (freeware)

Also try a search for polderbits. 15 day trial.

One end of the cable goes into the sterio & the other to line in on the computer.


I guess what goes where depends on what hardware you have, but basically you just need to run the audio out from your casette deck to the audio in on your soundcard. You may need an adapter if you do not have RCA inputs on your soundcard.

For this process, I use Acid Pro 3. You can download Acid Express from Sonic Foundry for free, but I am not sure what limitations it has. You may not be able to convert to mp3, if that is the case, you can use CDex for converting wav to mp3. Otherwise Acid will do it all.

With Acid you can record Side A and Side B of the cassette as two separate wav files and then go back and split each track. Acid is a little tricky to use at first, but you can download the manual for free if you need it.

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