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Transfer of ISP to another computer


Arte et Marte
My wife's current ISP (AOL - dont all abuse me at once!!) has been re installed on another computer. Now, the address books should be transferred directly to the newly installed system via server - but it will not (re installed 4 times with various disks, and AOL will not help!!). The rest of AOL, complete with buddies list is OK.

I am aware that transferring programmes from one disk to another is taboo, but it seems the only way to get this up and running without re submitting LOADS of address entries is to transfer from the old machine to the new machine via spare HD.. Any views & advice (apart from ditching AOL) would be. as always, appreciated.
Usually this will happen with AOL Favorites. If the Address Book didn't come back after logging in, I would send an email to yourself with all the address in your book, that way you can click them and choose "Add To Address Book". Other than that, I don't have an easy answer.


Arte et Marte
Yes, you are right. the favourites and presonal filing cabinet can be done by backing up on floppie & re inserting on new machine.

I though about that with the address book by sending an e-mail to myself, but it would have to be via another server (or different screen name) as it would bounce back to me before i could switch the old machine off.

But, unless someone comes up with a better idea (or AOL get their finger out) it is the best option open so far. Thanks


Why not just copy the AOL folder from your hard drive, i do it all the time, i find it is easy and faster.

Any updated files you have automatically downloaded, contacts, telephone numbers etc will still be there.

You can place the copy in any directory you choose and when you want to use AOL just run AOL.EXE:D


Arte et Marte
Problem finally resolved - i was on the point of just transferring old copy of AOL, but manged to work out how to transfer ALL FILES across onto new version (with NO help from AOL on-line staff) as it was not how they advised.

Never mind - broadband comes to Preston next month (or so BT recon).

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