transfer files speed is not fast between two Win98


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25 Sep 2002
I have two PC, with Win98 OSR2 install, connect to a router(with 10MB network card), sometime I need transfer files between these 2 PC, but the speed is low, usually 700-800KB/s, how can I make the speed faster? any patch I need to patch from Microsoft? thk!
okay, that network card is actually 10MegaBIT, not byte, if you are getting 700-800megaByte transfers, thats about right after overhead.
I change one of the PC is WinXP,it speed can up to 1.2MB/s, why? (don't told me to change to XP, this stupid question)
1.2MBytes per second = 1.2*8bits/byte = 9.6 megaBITS per second and is really fast for a network transfer on a 10Mb card.

Usually network transfers are about 50% of the total transfer capacility, so the 700-800kB/s is ~ 5.6-6.4Mb/s which is expected. Why not get a 10/100 card, they are less than 20 bucks.

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