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Tranfer Data From Old Hd To New Question


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files and seettings?

My computer is shared with 4 users. Therefore I want to save all their personal settings and email accounts, files etc.
I can do a clean install of XP on the new drive. Would I have to install it on a different computer to use the files and setting wizard? Or can the files and settings wizard be fooled to move these from one drive to another?:confused:


Norton Ghost or PowerQuest Drive Image will do what you want. Both products create an image (snapshot) of your drive(s) and reproduce that image exactly on the new drive.
1. Plug in the new disk as master, without the old disk.
2. Install Windows XP.
3. Plug in the old disk as master (C: ) , move the new disk to slave (not C: ).
4. Make a folder on the new disk, say "D:\Transfer" (if D: is the new disk). Make folders for each user under that ("D:\Transfer\User1").
5. Run the Move files and settings wizard and select your users transfer directory as the destination for the data.
6. Repeat 5 for all users.
7. Unplug the old disk and move the new disk to master.
8. Create new users with the same name as the ones on the old disk.
9. Restore all users using the wizard in the respective accounts.

That ought to do it. If you feel that any files are missing just copy them afterwards. All mail, favourites, documents and such should be transfered by the wizard.


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zedric's way would be best... that way you get a clean install of xp (which is always good) and all your old settings and such.

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