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Toshiba Tecra M2 wont boot, M/B stuffed?


I have quite a bit of knowledge with computers, building them loading xp etc etc but I have never seen this before, this is the error I am getting.

TRAP 0000000E ================PAGE FAULT=====================

** At linear address 00000000

Then a lot of text, let me know if you want me to type it all out...

This happens even with the extra memory removed, tried swapping the H/D for a brand new one, the error occurs as soon as the H/D or CD try to boot XP / XP Setup

Any clues chaps I'm at the point where I'm thinking the M/B is stuffed although I can get in to BIOS to set defaults???

Cheers for any help :)

Dark Atheist

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im guessing you have the bios set to boot from cd ? doubt a bad cable could cause this but you never know, if neither the hdd or cd drive are acting up in leaning towards a cable or board fault, maybe the ide port on the board is acting up

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