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Toshiba laptops and Intel Anypoint



To save some forum members potential problems I am posting this information although it's been around since August 2001.

I own the Toshiba laptop Model 2805-S301 and recently installed the Intel Anypoint Wireless PCMCIA card. The first sign I got that something was wrong was on bootup after card installation. The taskbar displayed an x-outed icon that indicated "network unplugged". For two days I tried to figure out what was wrong with the network configuration, drivers, etc. Finally I visited the Toshiba website and prominently displayed there was an alert to PCMCIA card owners. Basically it said that this model Toshiba (there is a long list of others) sends a 5 volt current into the PCMCIA card on bootup and if your card is not rated for this level of current it could be damaged. Guess what? The Intel card is rated at 3.0 volts. It's toast!

There is a BIOS download available in their tech support section that supposedly fixes this problem. Whether I'll bothered trying this fix and buying another Intel card is another matter.

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