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Toshiba 480cdt


OSNN Addict
have been asked to install win98 on Laptop but am having strange results, best so far is after Fdisk, Format etc gets to installing components required for windows returns to command prompt but there is nothing there on the C: Drive? Any Ideas?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
try copying the win98 folder to the hard drive (make a folder first then copy) and run setup from within that folder. This way you wont even need the CD.


OSNN Addict
have tried that and installing from two different install CDs At first I thought hD was failing but scandisk and spinrite both pass ok, then I thought it might be temperature related as it seems to install when cold but runs into various problems during reboot. Registry corrected ok OE fails etc Am tearing my hair out over this and have basically given up! Thanks for your interest

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