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Torrent router question.


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Hi Guys,

Should I portforward my router for bittorrent? If so, which port(s)?

And what does "seed" mean? I read somewhere that a file has to seed.

Thanks in advance,

Yes! You should set up port forwarding to get the fastest possible transfer speeds on BT, unless you have a UPnP-enabled router, in which case port forwarding is done dynamically when necessary.

By default, BT uses TCP ports 6881-6999, although different clients may be set up to use different ports. Many of them will even allow you to specify which port(s) they should use within their settings panels.

In BT terminology, a "seed" is a peer that has already finished downloading the whole file, but is continuing to upload it to other peers requesting the same file. As you might expect, there needs to be at least one "seed" for every torrent shared. Conversely, "leechers" are peers who are downloading and uploading pieces of the same file simultaneously. So when downloading any file, you typically start off as a leecher and become a seed when the download completes, unless you close off your BT client after it's done.


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As stated, You should forward them. Little word of advice though is that you should set the ports to a higher stage. I have mine set to 49200. Most of the ISP are throttling the default ports, plus most of the torrent tracker sites don't allow default ports ..


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It also depends on what client you use. Azureus for example only uses one port no matter how many torrents you have running. I port set to 56661-56669.

EDIT: I port set. I must have been drunk. I mean:

I use ABC and I have my port set to ...
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