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Torpark browser thread


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I see today is the debut for this anonymising browser...

Hope we get an OSNN news item for it (I saw it on BBC Technews RSS)....

If anyone uses it or makes significant discoveries about it - report back her maybe?)....

I should like to hear how it runs...


Double O Egghead
I installed it and it is pretty cool. It handles all firefox bookmarks and can be run from a flash drive. The tor tunnels an encrypted connection that even your ISP cannot get into and the connection changes your ip every 3 minutes. The java ip hack that many people fall vicom too when browsing using proxies appears to not work and test show that java reports the tor network and not your actual IP addy.

Some IP connections are slow so that appears to suck for me as I could think of cool ways to download files using this browser. One thing to note that the website cllaims that you should not enter insecure login websites as your info can be gathered inside the decrypted tor network. Secure login websites are fine since the login is secured using standard handshake encryptions found in any secure website connection.

Pretty cool idea and one wonders if people can actually sift through the web data to view annonymous web URL or traffic stats.

These services are only as good as the location/security of the servers they run on.

Some doors were kicked in in Europe last week and annonymizing servers confiscated because of, I think it was child porn, was being surfed through them.

RIAA/MPAA could do the same if they found a trail indicating copyright violation through these services, which is most likely what they are used for.

"Ain't nothing private in the digital age."


Double O Egghead
its good for browsing when everyone thinks your from somewhere different all the time.

might be great for rapidshare and stuff


OSNN Veteran Original
yes and the tor system and browser does not alter or change any system files and you can rnu firefox and tors browser at the same time. Only tor will have the encryption enabled.
Alright, I might go ahead and try this out...

And yea.....screenshots!!!
Bman said:
And yea.....screenshots!!!
The default theme is kind of ugly but here's it with the Phoenity theme that I use. It looks like a normal Firefox for the most part.

torpark-1.jpg torpark-2.jpg torpark.jpg

Torpark browser is supposed to run off any device without the need to install it... or did i read that wrong in the news?
You can run it from a HD or USB stick, USB drive, etc. Pretty much you can run it from anything although I have to think you'd need write access.

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Recently here at DC480 con, which is kinda like Defcon, but is a group of people at UAT that get together to hack hardware, hack software and try to educate people about software and other security.

A Net Security major did a talk about anonymizing proxies and how they offer almost no anonymity if one of the nodes is compromised in the Tor network. Anyone anywhere can set up a Tor server and have it log all the data that passes through it. He then went on to show how most of the servers on the Tor network in the US that he was able to find were run off of US Government IP space, and that in countries as Great Britain, Germany, France and others they were being run off of their national government IP space.

All traffic through Tor is unsecured in that any Tor node can log the data. Do you trust the governments that these nodes are run on to keep your data protected, and your identity private? If the first node you connect to is a US government one, and you do illegal stuff, they have your IP, what you did, and everything in between.

I'd be careful of anything done, and would go for better options. Most libraries offer Internet, usually for a small fee. Use cash, and you can use it. Next time find an internet cafe, and so on. Those are better ways to be anonymous and secure. Tor is heavily overrated.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I am only guessing here - and your information is both informed and highly useful X, do not get me wrong - but maybe the aim of Torpark is more to anonymising your usage for the end point? Rather than the intermediates? So tis browser could stil be useful where you want to visit potentially unscrupulous sites etc? Rather than where you are concerned about anonymising your entire 'net usage?

Or have I missed the point entirely? Is Torpark making claims for itself that it inherently cannot meet due to its design?

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