Tornado in Birmingham

Well, seems this went by the uk news as an "also happened" but as its quite close to where my folks are I've been following it with a hawk eye.

Seems everytime I get back to London from Birmingham they get all kinds of exciting things going on and I keep missing them.

anyway for those interested there are pictures here:

Knowing the age of the buildings in question I'd say they were pretty resilient. Atleast compared to some of the american houses in similar classed tornados.


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That is because the American tornadoes only hit Trailer parks.:laugh: The equivalent of a Pikey campground.

Looks to be well weathered there though, you English are a hardy lot.


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*looks out side*

i see two tornadoes and a sh*t load of hurricans coming..

*puts on helmet* (continues to surf the web)


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LordOfLA said:
Its rare for tornados to arrive in england nerver mind tornados of that magnitude, I'm aware of 2 in my 24 years of life.

Actually, if you watch the news a lot, you'd probably hear that it's not uncommon to find tornadoes in the UK. However, you'd hardly hear anything about one unless it's headline news on national tv rather than it being just on a regional news programme.
33 tornadoes a year, most of which dont even make f1 grade hardly counts as anything to shout about.. and 99.999% of which are so far away from a city that no-one except the guy walking underneath one will notice :p

However one can come get the girl outside singing badly any time it likes :p
Tornado was pretty bad.. went to inspect the damage post-tornado (the tornado-run was about 3 minutes drive from my house) - couldn't get into half the roads, cordoned off :( - went again late at night, bricks, stone and everything all over the road - trees uprooted - 100 odd year old primary school had majorioty of it's room most probably lying on the ground floor of the building.

Don't get that kinds stuff happening here in b.ham, was quite imense :s



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Electronic Punk said:
There are more tornadoes in the UK per square mile than in the USA... so I am told.
thats the craziest **** ever heard. Oklahoma and nw texas/kansas have the most tornados on the planet period ..which is why its called tornado alley.


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trainmaster77 said:
thats the craziest **** ever heard. Oklahoma and nw texas/kansas have the most tornados on the planet period ..which is why its called tornado alley.
We also have a lot more land. The keyword is "per square mile". The US still has the most tornadoes total of any country by a longshot. Certainly not something anyone would like to brag about considering that tornadoes that would be commonplace in the US at certain times of the year would become headlines in the UK ... such as this one.