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Top Gear's Music different on BBC America


Mr. Bananagrabber
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Hey guys,
So. I've watched (and loved) Top Gear for years on the BBC. A couple weeks ago I was watching it on BBC America and realized a saddening thing. The music on the same episodes of Top Gear America (The Vietnam Special for instance) was different on BBC America than on the BBC. The music they substitute in for the name brand classics like Led Zeppelin that they have on the BBC is laughable on BBC America.
Does anybody know why they don't keep the same music when they air the episodes on the BBC America?
I assumed it was something to do with royalties, because with quite a few BBC programs they make use of cool music (like Richard Hammond's Journey to the centre of the planet). I especially like the heavy use of Inception music in Top Gear series 16 and extensive use of Tron music in series 17.
It's just sad that the music is different on BBC America because I feel if you aren't watching it with the original music, you're really missing out. It was laughable in the Vietnam episode when the said "so we cued the music and got to work" (This was supposed to cue the A-Team music as it does on the original program, James even hums the tune) but on BBC America they replaced it with something unrelated...
So, anybody know why this is?

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