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Overclocked Like A Mother
8 Jul 2002
Hi Guys,

I am trying to find either a download or a link to watch the video of a show called top gear and what they did to a Toyota 4x4 pickup,

The google link is dead

Thanks in advance,

Was that the one where they basically drowned it in the ocean and then drove it away?
That was a good episode, ill try and find it for you...
Thanks Bud,

Hopefully you can,

Thanks again,

Damnit you beat me to the punch!
Well also the second link is a weird type of video, it says its an RAM file which i assume is a european file...
Heeter thanks to your very helpful Location advice under avatar i can not tell whether or not this will work for you, thus... Try it and tell me...

P.S. The second link a torrent file download site, thus you will need like: Utorrent, Bitorrent etc...
I am also not sure if its legal...
Ram is usually a Realplayer extension,

I have been going through the first link's list, but I cannot locate the video so far.

I'll keep trying,

If you can figure out what ep that toyota segment is from you can just "aquire" the whole episode... :rolleyes:
i have it just not sure which one it is, its on a dvd somewhere i think its in series 5 or 4
That first looks legit, doesn't it?

Now I am confused,

Yah, i believe the first link is legal but you have to find a program that will play a RAM file... i believe its a british filetype...

BTW, Your picture in your signature is pretty gruesome...
I would have never known that, now that i do i think i'll watch the toyota clips, i remember that episode and it was a really good one!
Interesting how trying to help someone else you end up getting something yourself...
" No, there it is. "


* forgets buying 2004 Crown Victoria, buys old Toyota *

I knew Toyotas were bulletproof, but this...
Lets hear it for that Toyota Hilux!
Truly amazing!
Anyone who views this thread should definately go and get this clip...
Its to bad the google video clip I foudn doesnt work anymore... oh well. But as I said in the other thread.. glad I own a Toyota :D

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