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Toothbrush Cleaning



Hey all... I was wondering if anyone saw any problems with using a toothbrush to clean your mobo and addon cards etc? I thought of it because U can get into smaller places and get rid of all that dust!

but i just want to know if anyone sees any problems doing this that may damage the hardware?

Why not just buy.....

A tin of Compressed Air to just blow it all out like everyone does,its quicker and more hygenic for you :D

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Instructions say don't shake while using. Bah what do they know......In this case...a lot. :eek:
/note to self........READ the INSTRUCTIONS!
He shook the compressed air while spraying it, and it caused foam :)

Don't use toothbrush; I think that could scratch stuff.
I once used the tin from full to empty on a pc (REALLY DIRTY)and had the pleasure of my hand stuck to the tin....yes it hurt....so short blasts only.

Oh and make sure the power is off before you do anything...toothbrush or air.


I just yuse a vacuum cleaner with that funny soft bristley end that no one knows what its used for :) works a treat


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most of those cans of "compressed air" are actually compressed liquid nitrogen. when it's freed from pressure, it turns to a gas and has an endothermic effect... absorbing heat. which is why if you spray while shaking it or holding upside-down, half-liquid nitrogen shoots out and freezes things. }:D

i heard somewhere a while back that using a vacuum to clean out your comp could cause static electricity to build up... which could be very disasterous. anyone else hear this or know if it's true?


No but when I read the title to thread I couldn't figure out what the heck he was talking about! LOL, I thought he wanted to clean his toothbrush and was wondering how to do it, hahaha. I should have known, oh and compressed air sprayed gently.


thx for all the replys... but if U use compressed air isnt it possible for there to be moisture???

thats what i thought anyways!



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Yes, unless you buy it canned at a computer/electronics store.

Also if you really wish to use a brush to clean the MoBo and any other of your hareware/parts, use a new large sized makeup brush (the big fat ones). The brissles are very soft.
I use a large painters brush to clean electronics from dust. An "art and paintings" type not a "paint houses" type. I think it shouldn't be plastic hairs on it (static electricity) but I'm unsure. The brush in combination with a vacuum cleaner at 10cm distance works great.

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