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too many issues = want to refornat all - how?

Ihave 2 HD
1 is not plugged in
(old ME I think on it)
other one as XP Pro
3 partitions
I want to start over
(it is 3rd system on home LAN)

I have all the CD for video., audio etc

how do I wipe it all clean and do fresh install
and what abour re-authentication w/MS


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Insert the original XP installation CD and boot to it. Windows Setup will walk you through the rest. Activation shouldn't be a problem if all the hardware is the same.
and if I want to re-add the HD just sitting there
what is the best way?
ie putting swap file on the other (new) HD
all I do is play games on this system
and some games are disk intensive
(ie Punkbuster verifications)


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Make sure both hard drives are set to "cable select" and hook up your primary as so and the secondary as so (I'm sure your computer has two IDE cables).


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If the HD is pretty old, sounds like it since it has ME installed on it, the minor performance increase gained by having the pagefile on a seperate drive would be negated by the fact that the drive is most likely much slower.
thanks for link to article
little 'wordy'
but good, nonetheless

for those that care :p
I re-added my spare drive
(backed up all files on all drives to external UPS HD)
and if for no other reason than to learn
will try to set up a raid
(is built into MB - just never tried it)
is it Raid ZERO for striping (ie speed)
and even though it might lave "little effect"
still want to learn to optimize
so, do I intall XP on main drive and swapfile on 2nd?
what abour partitions?
I have retail version of partition magic
each drive is 80gb
P4 2.0Ghz
512 ram
(might buy more ram soon)
this is just my older game system for son's friend, so not too much $ for upgrades

again - many thanks to responders
this is a great forum


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RAID 0 is for performance (striped set)
RAID 1 is for backup (mirror)

There are about 10 different RAID configurations, you can read about them HERE.

However, it is recommended that both drives are of the same make and model when setting up a RAID.
during install
I removed the 2 partitions on drive 2
and 2 of the 3 partitions on drive 1
(ie leaving only C:)
install was fine
now only have 1 6gb partition
fortunatley, I have partition magic (PM)
but what should I have done, or do now?
use PM v8.0?


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You should make your system partition at least 15GB, even more if you plan on using your system partition for programs.

I have three partitions setup on a RAID 1 here at my office.

40GB C:\ system and programs
40GB D:\ documents
The Rest E:\ saved files and backups

If you are going to put your programs on the same partition it should be at least 20-40GB depending on how many programs you have.

I've never used Partition Magic. Personally, I would reformat again (using the Quick option) and setup your partitions (I don't think they recommend using PM on your system/Windows partition but I could be wrong).

I am a network administrator.

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