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Too many GF4 cards, which one is best?



I want to upgrade my GF3 ti500 to a GF4, However i see over 5 types of GF4 and dont know which one is better for what?

theres the

GF4 ti4200 64mb
GF4 SE ti4800
GF4 ti4200 with 128mb ram
GF4 mx ( i know its crap)

What is the difference between the 4200 with 64mb ram and 128, and what the fuggin hell is the 4800 all about?



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Cant really answer all the questions like most of these guys will....but, I got a GF4 ti4200 with 128mb ram a few months ago and I'm very happy w/ it.

I believe the ram is on board memory, that is, its how much ram is on the card.

But either way, I'm happy w/ the ti4200.


Well, basicly im getting some Crappy performance with my GF3 ti500 mainly because i think i OC'd it to far and dammaged it.
Or those bloody Nforce drivers have Screwed my system again.

But I want a card which can handle games like Mafia and GTA3 at MAX detail settings better than my GF3 does.


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IMO, I reckon you should save up and get one of the FXs or the higher Radeons. Though, the 128Mb Ti4200 seems ok with most people. See what Sazar has to say about this... :D


saving up isnt an issue, i need a good CHEAPISH card.

i found a GF4 ti4200 128mb for £110 (uk and wonder if its a Great performer.


Must be dreaming...
Originally posted by Flatbeat_Eddy
what the fuggin hell is the 4800 all about?
Well from what I learnt here on the forums:
4800 = 4600 w/ agp8
4800 SE = 4400 w/ agp8x

So basically, they're just older cores running at 8x AGP (thanks to taurus for that info).

Originally posted by Flatbeat_Eddy
saving up isnt an issue, i need a good CHEAPISH card.

i found a GF4 ti4200 128mb for £110 (uk and wonder if its a Great performer.
That's card sound fine. The Ti4200 is good performer.


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Originally posted by Ragnarok
So basically, they're just older cores running at 8x AGP (thanks to taurus for that info).
:D np
Originally posted by Flatbeat_Eddy
but, on the box it says agp 8x for the 4200 128 mb. ?
there is the original 4200 and then later the 4200 with agp 8x. they didn't give it a different name like the 4800 or 4800se.

but the 4200-8x has a higher memory clock than the original 4200. so if you get a 4200, make sure it's a 4200-8x. also 128mb of memory is recommended and doesn't cost that much more.

so that card you're looking at eddy sounds like a good choice. :)

[edit] nvidia's gf4 ti page lays it out well.


well, i ve gone for the GF4 4800SE since thats the most powerful GF4 card arround,, Frankly the FX has an Ugly fan which i dont want in my computer.

4800 is the best right ? atleast thats what ive been lead to believe.

and its £150


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just like rag pointed out:

4800 = 4600 w/ agp8x (fastest gf4)
4800se = 4400 w/ agp8x (second fastest gf4)

also, the fx 5900 isn't nearly as loud as the 5800 was. it has a normal volume level.


Graphics Processor / Vendor NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4800
RAMDAC Clock Speed 350 MHz
Video Memory Installed ( Max ) 128 MB ( 128 MB ) - DDR SDRAM - integrated
Memory Clock Speed 650 MHz

Thats the 4800 i found for £150

Doesnt say wether its an SE version, but im sure its not.


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previous posts pretty much sum it up :)

only thing I want to say is DON'T buy a gf4 MX if you can help it...

all the gf4 ti are directx 8 cards (they can do more effects like water and what not)

the gf4 mx is based on the gf2 series and is only dx7 hence it does not have the new effects and stuff... :)
I'd say look seriously at the ATi cards, the 9500 Pro is a great card for the money.

The 9700, and 9700 Pro's prices will drop significantly once the 9800 Pro is more widely available....

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There is such a vast choice I opted for the Ti4200 128mb 8X agp for $120us because for the price and vivo with all cables and a nice cd bundle I was very happy this card performs very well and I will wait for second gen DX9 cards until then this is a good all around card ... imho ;)

The 4800 is an excellent card. A buddy of mine has one and loves it. No speed issues.

WARNING.. Do not buy a PNY brand.

One of the gang had one fry after 6 weeks. It was a defect in manufacturing, of course the guy lost the receipt so he was screwed out of $180. I looked at the card and it's assembly was crap. Mis-alligned heatsinks. capacitors sticking up in the air (one so far it had pulled not soldered into the board properly and pulled loose). Showed it to another guy who builds PC boards and the first thing he did was ask me if I'd tampered with it because the assembly job looked so shoddy.

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