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Too hot?


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My buddy wanted to do a pc upgrade..so we got a new MB, new cpu, and some ram. The CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (he didnt want a huge fast computer) anyways everest says that CPU 1 is like 200 degres..check out the report..also im curious is the second core is even on?



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Well the temps reported across the board are fairly high, cpu, even the gpu ambient temp is pretty high. (not alarmingly so, but higher than you would like to see). I would check the temps listed in the bios. (run pc under high load, something like folding at home or Seti to heat things up, then quickly restart and enter bios and see what it says the cpu temp is). You migh also try using another program that will report the temps as well to ensure that everest is reporting the values correctly. If everything seems to indicate that the reported temps are accurate, I would look at re-seating the cpu heatsink and check it again. Proper mounting of the heatsink is critical to keeping temps down, and while it seems a simple task, it can be very trying to get one to sit correctly on the die with the proper amount of thermal grease. Too much or not enough and it won't work correctly. If the heatsink is just a fraction of an inch not right in any of the 3 axises, it won't work right.

So that would be my suggestions, check the temps with the bios and/or another program, and if the readings are the same, re-seat the heatsink. Remember, if you re-seat the heatsink, make sure to clean off all the thermal grease from both the heatsink and the cpu, and apply fresh. belive it or not that is a very common overlooked step, but a vital one.

Hope it helps


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It is full of it, your CPU is more than likely at the same temps as the other core.

I have my 3800+ X2 @ 2.75 Ghz with 1.45vcore and it is running about 50C with a F@H SMP client.

Use the Bios or a utility provided by the MB manufacturer.

Any other program is guessing at the temperature and likely wrong. Most of the good freebees are out of date and no longer supported. You could try Sisoft Sandra but no guarantees.

BUT, if that temp is right, your CPU can fail at any time so don't screw around looking for utilittes or run the machine other than to boot into bios and check the temperatures. A reading that high, if real, indicates the fan is not spinning or the heatsink is not installed correctly. I put some of the older Athlon heatsinks on 180 degrees out on the direction and they look fine but half the sink is not in contact with the CPU.


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following on from what lee said, i would take the heatsink and fan off the cpu, clean everything with rubbing alcohol. make sure it is all off, then add more paste, the amount should be centered on the cpu and pea sized, gently place the cpu down again firmly and leave for a minute or two then turn the machine back on and see if you see a difference, it takes about two weeks for the temps to come down correctly, but straight away you should see a drastic difference.


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Thanks leejend and lancer...im not on that computer since i saw the temp. but ill clean up that heatsink and use the pea sized compound and get back to you..


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Well if the bios says that the temps are as low as you say, and other programs report your temp that high, I would say they are reading the sensor incorrectly. At 200F you should start running into serious reliability issues (crashing, BSOD's, Shutdowns, Etc.). On the flip side, 24C is pretty low for operating temp which concerns me. Is that 24C from shutdown to bios? or running comp at full load then into bios? Don't get me wrong, I am not saying 24C is unheard of or extream, just low. My machine has never seen a temp below 30C, But I am running an AMD.

Like lancer said, I would check to see what you CPU usage is in task manager, do you have any other problems otherthan the high temp report? Slow, long boot times, etc...?

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