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To wire, or not to wire...


Arte et Marte
So, the wife & kids have finally brow beated me into going Broadband. The thing is, I was going to go on a wireless setup for my 3 computers (all upstairs in the bedrooms/office) - but I have been informed that even using the 'g' PC cards, it's a lot slower than a wired system.

Is the difference noticeable, or does the benefit of not having to rip up all the carpets to lay cables outway this? (the house is fairly new, so no doubt the walls are crappy thin).



Glaanies script monkey
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I wouldn't go through the added expense of wireless unless you need it. If you have PC's and not laptops I really see no reason to use wireless. Go to radio shack or wherever and get the ethernet outlets thingies you put in the wall and run the wires behind the wall, no carpet tearing that way and it looks nice.


OSNN Advanced
G standard gives 54mbps data transfer. Tranfer rate falls in relation to the distance between two points (the further the two points are the slower it'll get).
With wired network, you're looking at upto100mbps. It's more secure as hackers will need physical presence on the network in order to gain access to all the machines.


i personally use a mix of both
i have a server machine (for net) which is connected too my DAW by 100mb cable, and then i have a laptop which is 802.11g for roaming round the house/garden, speeds are fine my server has 2mbit internet connection, and even at the end of my garden i can get full speeds over wireless (all netgear stuff netgear wg602 access point & Wg511 cardbus)

you can always mix and match if u need:) but if the machines are never gonna move, then yes wireless is pointless


Arte et Marte
Thanks for all that info - I may wire my main machine up - but as I have had new wooden flooring layed down in the other 2 rooms & hall (no carpet to hide under), I might just stick wireless in them. Whilst the wired system can run up to 100mbps - would it ever achieve that speed on say - a standard BT ADSL Broadband system (AOL - now don't take the mick) or will the 'g' card cope without panting for breath?



"will the 'g' card cope without panting for breath?"

if its within a range of say 1500ft or less then you should have no probs

(will depend on your wireless hardware.. 1500ft is my max with netgear bits)
Wireless 54g (54Mbps) is indeed slower than 100 BaseT wired ethernet (100Mbps) but is faster than 10 BaseT (10Mbps). I have a wired connection from my main desktop machine into my ADSL router and a 54g wireless router also wired into the ADSL router, then I have a mixture of 54g and 11b wireless clients on the wireless section.
They can all browse the internet just fine as even the 11b (11Mbps) is still faster than the ADSL connection so the difference really isnt noticeable. So realistically I would say wired if the ADSL modem/router is right next to your PC or if it isnt going to take ripping up your house to put it in, and then wireless if you cant do wired, in your case I would say the wired into your main machine and wireless to the others. Just make sure that you turn on the Wireless security features (WEP or WPA and MAC Address Filtering) as you dont want the neighbours jacking into your internet connection now do you ;)


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i have a 100Mbps wired conection to my main pc, and a wireless g conection for my laptop, i would say it's MUCH easyer to go wireless, laying cables is a pain in the a$$. it took me half a day to lay the cable so it couldn't be seen along the floor, as well as getting through the wall. wireless on the outher hand was easy + took ~5mins to be surfing the net :D i would have made my parents pc wireless.............but i couldn't be bothered to spend £50 on a wireless card for it :p
also recommend broadbandbuyer.co.uk but I recommend D-Link instead of Linksys cause I never used Linksys and I only have D-Link wireless hardware at the mo
I have a wired setup except for my Dell Axim X3i and my Laptop. The rest (desktops) are all hardwired to switches and or the router.

That's the nice thing about buying a Linksys Wireless G router, it comes with hardline ports as well.


Secret Goat Fetish
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yup i agree ShepsCrook, i have a linksys WAG-54G , it's an adsl modem, with 4 port 10/100 switch and wireless G access point.


Arte et Marte
Thats it then, decision made. Wired for my beastie in the office, and 2 wireless cards for the girls bedrooms. I will make sure of security implication as noted. I have added 'broadband buyer' into my favourites, and will have a wee look later (gosh - I'm all excited, even with living in Preston!!)

Thank you, one & all


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Geffy said:
*ahem*reputation point wench, you should just be satisfied helping people like I am
I notice you will both become famous soon enough though - the thing is he seems to have made and informed choice.... SOOooooo how goes the network? A tip I would give you that's not in the thread is to make sure your antannae have same orientation fro optimal reception - IE if your WLAN access point is vertical then make sure the dongles you use for the receiving pooters are also upright. Also if you move them you may find reception drops out until they are stable in position again... Hope all went well for you!

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