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Hi All

I Have Windows XP And Under Network Adapters it says i have a 1394 Net Adapter and my other computer has under network adapters Dial up, do i just need a cable to connect these? or something else? i have in mind a 8 metre usb network cable which will cost me £44 alone just for a cable, i hope i dont need anywthing else..DO I?

Im Looking to share my broadband between this computer an another, shud i use a cable to connect them or get some external device?


Please Help Me



The best way to share internet connection is a router, which can run you around $100 for a decent one, or sometimes you can find them for less. And in that case, you'll need an NIC card (ethernet) for your other computer too (assuming that you only have a dial-up modem in there now, like you said), which you can find for as cheap as $15 or $20. And you'd need a CAT5 cord to connect, which would be around $20-50 depending on the length you need.

There might be a way to share internet connection through USB, but if there is, I haven't come across it. To get it done right, you'll want a router, etc. like I mentioned above, and if you really shop around you might be able to get the job done for around $100. Of course those prices are all in U.S. dollars, so it'll translate to something different in pounds, and prices could be cheaper or more expensive in Britain.
1394 is Firewire. If you have dial-up (56k or less) I wouldn't go for a router. Those are more suitable for broadband connections. I would put one network card on each computer, get a crossover CAT5 (a.k.a TP or RJ-45) to put between them. The you activate ICS on the Dialup connection. If need be, set the network card in the other computer to Automatic IP.

Off you go! :)


Thanks, Zedric, I keep forgetting that 1394 is firewire. :)

He did mention that he had a broadband connection that he wanted to share, so I think he has to get some kind of a router or a switch right? There's no way to use a crossover cat5 between two computers to share broadband is there? You'd have to have two NICs (which I don't think is possible) or you'd have to try and share through a usb or parallel cable, if that can even be done, either. You probably have a better idea than I do, Zedric, so let me know what you think. (Not that it really matters to me that much, I'm just interested.)

Ste_w do you have 2 computers or 3 that you're trying to share? You mentioned the first two, but you also hinted at another one. If that's the case, a router is the way to go.
Note to self: Read the posts, dummy!

Oops. Yes, true, it said broadband. Forget about the crossover. Timeo27 is right. Get a router. My bad. :)


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you can use fire wire for a local network connection if both computers have it unlike usb which you need a usb cat5 nic adapter
or and also you can put two nics in one computer make one local network other outside net and share it in xp and have a crossover cable between if all cat5 nics


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Sorry my connection was down so i havnt had chance to reply, i was told by evesham to get 2 network cards costing £23.50 each and a crossover cable for about £10-15, an i dont hav braodband yet but im getting it but i need the network b4 i do, so can i share my broadband between these 2 now? Note: to all i only hav two comps.
Thanx For Helping

Get the two cards and the crossover cable now and share the Dial-up using ICS.
When you get broadband there are two ways:
1. Continue using the crossover and ICS. This means you need another network card in the "server" machine. Connect the broadband to this card. The downside is that the server has to be on for the other computer (client) to surf.
2. Replace the crossover by two straight cables and buy a router. Connect the broadband to the router as well. Turn off ICS.

OR, you could get a router now and use it as a switch (not using the actual router functions). Share the Dialup using ICS. Turn off ICS when you get the roadband (same as 2. above).

       Broadband (later)
Client --- Router --- Server (now with ICS, later also Client)


each of youre comps will need them to be networked together,its what youre broadband will be plugged into.

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