to connect net unit????



hello, I count them, it is long, but I don't have another. I have two you scheme one
in the office (today xp) and another at home (w98). Before with w98 I entered to
internet and by means of connecting to net unit for the ip of the other one
it schemes he/she entered to the shared document (with countersign) and he/she worked
far. Now I put xp in my house and I cannot consent to the w98,
attempt in all ways until without countersign and anything, tells me that not you
encounter the net route. That that if I proved it is to connect them for half in a
hub installing a xp upgrade (conectivity for previous versions)
and I eat homemade net it works perfect.
They told me that it installs the protocol netbeui, it installs it and I don't pass anything.
Thank you
That is way to confuysing. I have no idea what you are talking about. Please explain a little more clearly what you want to do.


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