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TNT2 Aladdin Internal AGP Graphics Chip



Hi again!

I've got a TNT2 Aladdin chip inside this computer, it's split with my 256mb of ram, (32mb is allocated).

In 3d mark 2001 it gets something like 800 points, i'm wondering if this is a good score for this chip or if i've got some problem with it, because for a compture like this that chip seems to get a horrible score! :(

Also, I have got no idea if this is to do with the grahpics card or not, but, for no apparent reason, sometimes i'll move my mouse and verticle lines (eg 5 big black lines and the base colour of my wallpaper, so my desktop is completely covered) will appear over my screen, my computer will become totally un-responsive and i'll have to hit reset. If anyone can suggest a remedy to this, please help me also.


Shamus MacNoob

Political User
It sounds like a driver problem some set's work better than others on certain setup's I would suggest trying a few set's and setup's , find a tweaker for your driver's and try and fiddle a little from my experience built in graphic's that share are by no means the best bet but of course you go with what you have, as for the mark score's Idont know if that is good or bad for that chipset I guess you would need to find a comparsion test like the one at Nvidia's web site or even fresh diagnose ( a little program) that has a benchmarking test for graphics, good luck
Yeah try what kermit said of updated drivers...the problem is onboard video tends to..well...suck...the only almost onboard video I've ever come across is the Nforce's built in GF2MX

and the fact that the video shares memory from the system and doesn't have it's own is another bottleneck :(

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
I noticed you wrote upgrades soon on your machine stats ..... and seeing as your having a little trouble with the video I guess a video card is maybe one of the things your gonna get? ..... of course if you have an AGP slot gofor it .......... I dont know if you know or not but if and when you do change graphics card your going to have to do a smooth move to disable that on board chip this is how I have got it to work on two different machines that had on board chips ....... first you disable the present graphics adapter in the hardware configuration and you will need to expand the view tree on the system in there you will see a AGP to PCI with the name of your present chip or something very close to that could be a PCI to PCI either way if you do not disable that when you install your new card you will not boot into windows it will stall at a black screen after the log on logo I have done this a few times and you need to find that chipset in the system properties and do not uninstall highlight it go to properties and use a check mark that says do not use in this profile of course you must be in the administrator account and you should look in your bios most of them are set auto detect but some have either an AGP or PCI choice I know this is a little early but you will need this info if you want to go for a plug in video card ............


hardware monkey
reason why your 3dmark score was so low is because the tnt does not support hardware t&l and therefor, you were running the tests in software mode. your poor celeron was doing all the work. check attachment to see what i'm talking about.

a geforce2 gts (ddr) goes for $50 online. twice as good as any mx (sdram).


Unfortnately, after I got this computer and learnt a fair bit more about computers, I realised that it has only got a 3 PCI slots, and no AGP. Can anybody recommend a good/decent PCI card, because I cannot afford to buy a new board as well.
No offense...if you can't afford to buy a new mobo now...just wait off on the vid card...because any pci card you get is gonna be pretty obsolete within the next few months so you won't be able to play any new games =/


hardware monkey
for bout $90, you can get a geforce4 mx420 pci delivered to your door. a bit better than geforce2 mx 400.

but, yeah, you might wanna save up some $$$ for a new setup. you'll be glad.

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