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TIZ SEXY! The New Audi A6!


High On Life!
I THINK THIS IS THE YEARS NICEST Release for any car, the new audi a6 is totally a beast, its super sexy and cheeck! i saw it in the streets here, and its parked in the mall now. its super sexy, the hand break or should i call it pinky break is the same button (to turn on and off) as the one to open the windows in my 2004 caprice! i'm ganna go get a test drive soon, see how its performance is and price, might be my car in canada if im good!(and hopefully win the lottery will increase my chances) im pretty excited about this car!



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I like Audi's for their engine and handling but when you get inside them they are too simple and small inside...it's more the german design than anything cause that's just how German design is efficient

I have a friend who is an audi freak and so is his dad and his dad gets a new one almost every year and my friend has one himself


High On Life!
no way man, have u seen the audi a8L. that is the classyest car, its my dream car for when i get a bit older,


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Goatman said:
The Acura RL wishs it were an Audi! (it actually pretends it is sometimes.)
if you have driven the TL that acura came out with and seen the innovation they incorporated in the car you will probably not be making that comment...

I have a lot of respect for the RS6 and teh S4's from audi as well as for the le-mans cars... but teh a6 posted in this thread is no great shakes... the previous RS looks better and was a better over-all performer... and the acura RL is a fabulous performer on the road and has an incredible interior...

the A8 is a nice car if you like big and a little fun... the A8L is too big overall to be considered fun at all... though it has oodles of luxury and refinement...

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