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Tittles is almost legal!

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
lol, back when I was in high school, many of the students figured out that the law specifically said that one couldn't purchase the alchohol, transport it in the car...aka read the precise letter of the law. Then reasoned ways that they could technically drink (even though it wasn't the intent of the law), while technically following the letter of it as legislated for the state I then lived in :D

Happy b'day Tittles... I s'pose we'll be seing a drunken post from you sometime soon :D


Dabba Dooba
Political User
awwwwwww...thanks guys :p

Son Goku - I acutally read about that the other day. Certain states have exceptions about drinking under 21. :p

I actually got a little ummm drunk the night before my b-day. So that I would be drunk when I turned 17. Well the night turned out ok at first but then it went down hill. Went home like at 4ish since I was bored and haven't drank in like 3 hours. My stomach was feeling really weird in one area and all of a sudden I had to puke. I puked but when nothin was coming out I couldn't stop. Like I had no control on stopping. Well it finally stopped and then I went to bed. Woke up an hour later and did the same thing again. Then I had to use the crapper. Well this happend about 4 more times and most of the time nothig came out when I puked.

Mom woke up at like 8am and I told her what was going on. By then I felt alot worse and I had the flu.

So I had the flu the whole day of my b-day. Had to cancel plans to see my dad and a bunch of other crap.

I feel better today but not totally good enough to go to my only exam for today.

Luckly I didnt have school yesterday or I would of missed another 2 exams.

Its weird because I never have been awake when starting to get the flu. I usually just wake up and feel like crap.

This weekend tho my buds are gonna try and get something going for my b-day. Muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...if I feel good enough to drink :'(.

Thanks again guys :)

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