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Well...First off i would like to say that can all mods please have all threads created by or about me go into this thread thanks.

Well...I figured since u all enjoyed my crash why not here more about what i have done.

Year 4 or 5 in my life- It was fall time and i was riding my bike around the drive way and was havin fun while what happen that day i will never forget. I was wearin sweatpants that day and i stood up so i could pedal faster but what i didnt know was the bike seat feel off while i was standing up and all there was, was just a metal pole. Well...i sat down and the pole went thru my sweatpants and cut the side of my nut sack and wee wee. Well...i cried for about 5 min and i got to the hospital and they sewed it back up and then next day i got on my bike and rode like nothin happend. Luckly i was so little and my wee wee grow so i dont have a scar and from what i can tell size wasnt affected either :p.

Year 7- I was laying on my floor at my house watchin tv and my dog Simba (awsome ass dog half wolf half huksey his eyes r brown and blue. I will get a pic of him and my other dog harley sometime) and he was sleepin well i wanted to bug him since i was young and didnt know better and well he didnt like it very much and bit me in the cheek. It was a pretty deep bit so i cried and then my my cried a lil cause my mom cries when i get hurt and then we went to get stiches. Now my dog simba just lays around and talks yes talks he howls words like momma,hello momma, and grandma. He is about 10 years old so he is getting up there and i can tell his hips r goin out on him since alot of huskeys have hip problems.

Year 8- I was done in my basement with my cuz runnin around havin fun. Well we had this rug and the floor was cement and well i was running and tripped over the rug hit part of my head on a chair and then bam my head went smack right into the floor. My mom was downstairs and she thought it was a bowling ball that hit the floor. I cried so f'in bad that day and the puddle of blood was prob the size of a basketball. I got stiches of course and to this day i have a scar but my hair is long so it covers it up even tho it isnt bad. I wonder if that is when i started to get stupid i might have to check my report cards and see if there is a connection. :) :p

Year 10- I was at day care at my school during the summer and us kids were playin tag. I was running up the slide cause we were playin a weird way that two people r it and of course i was stupid and went up the slide. When i got up there i was like crap i am trapped but then i was like maybe i can jump down and then run away since it was sand below. I jumped but somethin happend my foot got caughty on the rail at the top of the slide so it made me for face first so i put my arm out and landed on my right arm and broke it. That hurt for like 2 min and then i was fine. I had the cast for like 6 weeks which sucked cause it was the whole last of my summer.

Year 11- I was at my friends down the road and we just got done watch DBZ since we were hooked on it. After it ended (i think it was one of the mini movies the use to have on Cartoon Network) we set up a lil area to wrestle and act like the dudes from dbz. After a while we got to wild and i chased after him and there is this door that has sharp sides and my finger got shut and i had to get stiches for that cause it was a deep azz cut.

Year-14 (the year most of u know about) It was early october after school was over for the day and i got my go kart out and was doin doubts in the dirtroad at the end of my road and i got this idea to jump it when i say these kids jumpin there remote control cars. So...i went to my best buds house next door to me and asked him and dustin and jeremy to help me make a jump and video cam it. Well...the camera was dead so we could get the first to jumps but they were good landed them nice and flat. Knowing me i wanted it bigger so we add more carrot bags to the jump and we turned the jump the other way so i could get more speed and so i wouldnt land in the other peoples yard (bad idea!!!!!) Well...i went to the end of the road which is 5 houses down and whipped it around and hit the brakes (they were good yamaha disc brakes needs brake fluid for it they stopped so good). They yelled and i hit the gas i was a lil scared but not enough to stop me. I got to the grass and couldnt stop now...so i hit the jump and right when i hit the jumped i blacked out. I dont remeber hitting the ground or 30 min after. From what my friends mom said she walked me home and i keep sayin i wanted a shower so i took one and then she was worried and walked on me nakey cause i wasnt answering. So...i guess she took me to her house while my friends bro's gf went to get my mom at arobic class down the road. I came to when i was half way to the hospital. Once i got there they checked for any brain damage and made sure i was alright and i was. I had some scrapes under my eye and nose that went away a few days later. The dude that taped it took it to school and during lunch everybody went to his table and watched it. Then the teachers went to see what was goin on and one teacher was my computer teacher and he took the video and put it on the computers. Now its everywhere at school even kids that have video production use it in there videos. What i thought was funny is that people started rumors that i died cause of internal bleeding or my face was ripped off or my leg was broke but when i came to school to days later since i missed the day before cause my mom said i could everyone came to me and was like hey go kart kid r u alright? Alot of people i didnt know and alot were 12th graders and crap. I was like wow the video sure spread fast. A few months later at the dudes house that taped it he has this big ass dirt hill and i wanted to climb it on my go kart so i did. It took a few tries but i did...one of the times i jumped it a lil but i didnt get hurt. So there u go u know the whole go kart crash story

Year 15- (latest crash but not the last crash of my life atleast i hope not)
Well my step dad and I went to the cabin in manistee to go ride dirtbikes since the bikes r road legal and u need road legal bikes up in manistee since the trails r legal roads up there. Well...the second day of ridin we came along this long stretch of trail/road and since my step dad has a XR 650 he hooked out away from me and was ahead of me and i was just ridin a ttr 225. Well...he turned the corner way before me and before i knew it came up so i hurried and slowed down but it wasnt slow enough. The corner was all rocks so it made it had to turn so i took the corner to wide and when i finished the turn i was goin about 30mph and i was in the grass makin my way to the trail and bam i hit a log and flew off the bike and landed on my shoulder. My step dad didnt know i feel untill he was up some and didnt see me by that time i picked the bike up and was hurting pretty bad. I finally got ready and rode the bike home down the highway but to make things worse i ran out of gas and turned onto the side of the rode and of course my step dad didnt know i stopped for awhile. So this dude stopped and asked what happend since i was pushin the bike with my busted collar bone which i didnt know it was at the time. I turned the reserve on and tried to start it but of course we had problems before with the starter (later we found out my mom didnt put the battery cables back together all the way) so my step dad had to push start it since i couldnt push it fast with my arm. So he got it started and i went back to the cabin. I put ice on my shoulder all day and then went to watch leno and then to bed. I got up at about 11am the next day and felt sore as fook so we packed up and went home and listened to my mom cry about me crashin. Well it got better sunday untill i hung out with my friend tryin to drink. We went to the store and i jumped into the bed of the truck and i use my bad arm to catch me. Now i think my collar bone wasnt broke before that cause it didnt hurt bad untll i caught myself. On monday i got up and man it hurt like a mofo so i called my mom and she took me the doctors and right when we got in he looked at both my shoulders and said your collar bone is broken so he told us to go across the street to get xrays asap so he made a special note and crap so we could hurry and get a thing to help heal me up and crap. So now i sit here with 3 tylenol 3 pills not feelin much pain and typin about my hurtfull life. Well...hope u all enjoyed laughin at me :). Peace


I feel a ban, this is obviously a spam thing.

Tittles by the amount of time you're here I get the feeling your BIRD dumped you.


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r u talkin about my gf Lee? cause if u r she didnt dump me cause if she did i would of posted in the Girlfriend problems thread. She has been away for a week first she went to her friends house 2 hours away then on sunday she went to the Warped Tour in detroit and now she is at her cuz house 2 and a half hours away. I am talkin to her right now and she wants to come home since she found out about my collar bone. I hope she brings her cuz up for a few days cause she is so funny and hot :). Plus i wanna talk to her cause her and her bf broke up a few days ago and we always talk about our problems with each other so yeah i hope her cuz comes up.

Did someone say 3 some? :p :)


Evil Marge said:
I feel a headache coming on
Only one thing to get rid of a womans headache.

Tittle I wonder what she is upto now, alone, plenty of male company, a few drinks, music, late nights.

Poor tittle broke the shoulder he peels chillies with.

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