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Can anyone tell me what TimerModule.exe is? The first time I ever noticed this file was when I got nailed with a flyby dialer. I eliminated the dialer and in the process it was brought to my attention that TimerModule.exe was a suspicious entry in my startup log. Since then I have reformatted b/c I wanted to install SP2 build 1213 on a fresh install of XP Pro. I did so and all is working fine, except last night when I was playing around with the registry I came across an entry for TimerModule.exe in my satartups. I haven't deleted it yet, just renamed it to TimerModule.crap, but I'd really like to know what this file is.

I have run NAV (defs 6/18/03), SwatIt!, and Spybot S & D and none of them found anything out of the ordinary.... If anyone could please tell me what this file is or if it is supposed to be a part of Windows or whatever I'd really appreciate it. :confused:


HKLM\..\Run: [TimerModule] E:\WINDOWS\System32\TimerModule.exe

That's the best I can do for now b/c I'm not @ home. This was taken from a HijackThis! log file from about a week ago. I'm thinking this file may be a leftover from a dialer program that found its way onto my computer called RedLine. This dialer installed a screensaver (called RedLine) and a dialer that tried to access the internet for $6.99 p/min.... sweet eh? Luckily my firewall caught that and blocked it and then I was able to track down Redline in my Prefetch folder and the dialer 9992548.exe and the screensaver RedLine.scr in /WinNT/System32, which is also where TimerModule.exe is located.

I'm mainly just curious, the problem will be solved tonight as I am formatting the drive an moving it and all my other drives to a new computer. Once I get XP reinstalled, I will run HijackThis! again to see if it is there after install.

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