Time problem in Windows


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Ok, the problem is that the time keeps changing on this computer. Its running Windows XP Pro, with SP1.

One of the problems is that the date is always one day behind no matter how many times i set it to the correct date, and the second problem is the time the time will always say something between 22:00 and 00:00. Once it hits about 23:45 it will set it self back to 22:00 and start again. even if you set the correct time after a while it will set back to 22:00

Now, I checked that the time syncronisation was turned off, which it is, the timezone is all set right in regional settings and i'm stumped.

It gets annoying, having to change the time back to what it is about 6-7 times a day.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Bill, that link doesn't show anything, I guess it's IE only :rolleyes:
And it probably uses your local clock to set the time anyway.

ElementalDragon, I seem to remember Chris telling me it wasn't the battery :confused: I'm not entirely sure though, so I'll wait for him to reply to that :D


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One thing I guess I should have mentioned before is that this has only started happening in the last couple of weeks with a new install of Windows.

The reason for install wasnt related to this problem, but its since then that this has been happening so as far as i know the hardware itself is fine.


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theres an internet time setting tab on clock properties might it be set to wrong time zone? batter can also be a good thing to check low power can mess alot of things up


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may actually want to check the cmos battery. even if you don't think it is dead, it could be. took me like 2-3 weeks to figure out that it was the CMOS battery. had to ask my school teacher what could cause the clock to go haywire like that.

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