Not an issue time-out annoyance while typing posts!


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ok seriously guys, its getting rather annoying the amount of times i go to

reply to a post and when i have my reply typed out and go to post, i have to

log back in again! is there not any way this can be disabled?

at least in the forums or something? often times i go off to google stuff in the

middle of a reply and i get logged out.

can somebody explain the reasoning behind this or can sonething be done about it?

i've learned to type my text, then copy, log back in, and paste, to get

around this issue... :crosseyed:


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i suppose it like maybe five minutes there or thereabouts, i have cookies enabled and i am using IE7 on vista, i had just hoped i wasnt a one off! when i go googling i open a new tab so its not a thing where im navigating away from the page and then just prressing the back button, its like online banking where it logs you out after a certain period of inactivity.


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login and such is all stored in cookies. If you have the cookie saved, it should never really time out.


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Is cookie handling set to medium?
it is, so i added * to the list of allowed sites, we'll see how that goes.

Also, when you log in, make sure to tick the checkbox that says "remember me"
just ticked that now, i was about to ask where was it because i logged out on purpose to log back in and click it but i got to it when i refreshed the page to post :)



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seems the problem was IE7 and vista all along. i was still having the login problem here but i decided to put up with it, just assumed first off it was this site because this site is the only one that i log in on. i was on the dell outlet site today and "internet explorer has stopped working" message came up, all i had to do was reset internet explorer and all is good! :)

it has made me think about trying out firefox though just to see what it's like so i'm downloading it at the minute, i just prefer IE because it's there, not because i have anything against firefox, but we'll see how it goes :)
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IE typically keeps my settings for sites. FF has a tendency to forget regularly but it remembers user names and pass-words. The only issue for me is it remembers stuff even when I don't want it to :(

But I think if that feature is something you are looking for, FF will work fine for you.

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