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Time is not correct.

I set the time options for +1.00 GMT, but when I post something at 13:55 (what I just did), the time is set to 7:55! Can this be fixed, please? (I still don't like the name NTFS.org. Go back to Xp-erience.org! With the new content of course)


It appears that my time is set to GMT - well, probably British Summer Time (I believe it is called over yonder).

My actual time is GMT - 6 hours - but it is displaying time as minus 6 hours from my time - thus it appears to display GMT.

Although that would not be the case for glaanieboy - his is also 6 hours slow, when he is supposed to be plus one hour????:confused:


I just set mine to GMT (although I am in the central time zone in the states) and my time is now correct!

So it appears ya have to set it for the wrong time zone ( adjusting 6 hours ahead ot make it correct!:p
I had to set it to +7.00 GMT Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta to set it correctly. As for GMT, I thought that was the time set in Greenwich? So a server move shouldn't make any difference.
Woah, thought I was living in the past, but it seems that the time has been restored. Thank EP!
I know, I had to change mine 3 times now this morning, I noticed it was wrong before the switch over, but just thought it was me, so I didn't say anything, guess I should have before. my bad.



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"Does anybody really know what time it is... Does anybody really care.......... about time" :D

I got a piece of tape over the time, I hate lookin at it.
Cause when I do, "Holy Shi*!!! It's WHAT time??!! :p
I dunno if this has to do with the posting problem earlier, but the time is again not correct. This time it is set to + 5 hours of the normal time.
Damn, I am nagging about time, do I? I am almost like that bunny in Alice in Wonderland.

BTW What do you think about my sig and avatar :p


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I now live in Brazil, Buenos Aires, Georgetown :rolleyes:

Wonder where I'll live when the clocks change since Arizona doesn't change time.

Electronic Punk

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I'm nor sure what is going on :)

All I can think is that during the time the server problems were occuring in earlier.. even the clock stopped...

The forum settings are correct
and I am guessing your individual settings are correct, so you just need to grin and bare it for the night :)

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