time for a new sound card then! but which one?


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18 Oct 2002
i'm after a good but reasonable priced card.. i definetly dont have hundreds to splash out on an audigy or something and its not required. I just want a nice card with good sound quality, and which i can record to without stuttering or anything.

can anyone reccomend a good card that doesnt really break the bank, i will be buying this online aswell so a site reccomendation might be good aswell. thanx
I use www.newegg.com for all my computer part needs. They have several inexpensive soundcards. The Sound Blaster Live 5.1 for $35 would probably work nicely.

ugh, not a sb live

how much ya willing to spend?

For under 100, you can get the best consumer card out there: MAudio Revolution 7.1

For half that price check out the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (also sold as the Video Logic Sonic Fury)
does 7.1 and 5.1 cards work even if u dont have that sound system i only av a subwoofer and two satelite speakers
turtle beach is a great card. i have one and i love it. i have the HK 695 speaker system and my music sounds great.
Here, I'll break the pattern and repeat a recommendation:


A friend had an audigy and gave up on it. Too much set up hassle, too many features.
We got a turtle beach next and had no problems setting up and loves the sound quality. Good price too.
I use the sbLive 5.1 with the Audigy 2 driver tweak. Sounds GReat.....thx coathanger for that info.
i have Audigy sound card and seems ok now but when i first got it had nothing but problems..the thing with creative labs is bad drivers if i knew the drivers sucked that bad would of went with santa cruz heard nothing but good things about that sound card.
I just purchased an Audigy 2 ZS -- love it, sound is phenomenal. I've also used Turtle Beach products and they are very nice, too.

Audigy 2 ZS on NewEgg - $89
Turtle Beach - Santa Cruz is $49 and $75, OEM and Retail respectively.

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