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Time for a New Keyboard and Mouse


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The "N" on my diNovo Media Desktop Laser keyboard is starting to disappear. I use the disappearing letter method as a measure of when it is time to start looking for a new set.

I don't care for the diNovo Media Desktop Laser as much as I once did. The remote (number pad) has an LCD that displays new emails (Outlook) and media (WMP) information. Because of that when I close either program (Outlook or WMP) they really don't close because SetPoint keeps them open; really annoying. Even if I disable the features it still keeps Outlook and WMP open and running in the background. I've had this problem with XP and Vista. I have confirmed this is the case because it doesn't happen on my notebook.

With that said, I'd like something that doesn't have an LCD. I don't care if it is Bluetooth enabled or simply RF. If I am going to buy a keyboard and a mouse (not a combo) then they must match in color and style.

I am thinking about the diNovo Edge and the MX Revolution, but the only thing that I don't like is that one is Bluetooth and the other one is RF (and they will NOT work off the same receiver).

The Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 has been pushed back until September so that is not an option.

The Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave has yet to be officially announced by Logitech.

Does anyone have a recommendation? Microsoft or Logitech suggestions only. Thank you.


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Those 2 are what I would have suggested.

I personally use only wired keyboards because I am typically static or walking around with my notebook undocked so it's not a priority BUT I am all about the "ultimate" keyboard from Microsoft and the Wave.

The combo you listed, for the Revolution and the Edge is what I would have suggested otherwise. I DO NOT like changing batteries and the Revolution, which I think you have, is a great work mouse.


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I do not have the Revolution. I have the MX 1000 Bluetooth (diNovo Media Desktop Laser). Even though I am not a huge SetPoint fan I am leaning towards the diNovo Edge and Revolution. But, I don't want to have to use two different receivers.

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I was eyeing the MS Entertainment Desktop 8000 as well. It looks awesome altho I like Logitech, however I'm not fond of the new styles.

I was looking for a wired keyboard but they don't have any I like, I want alot of shortcut buttons as well as the standard media (play, stop, skip). Logitech seems to only have wireless ones in that category.


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I'm not waiting until September for it. By then the "N" will be worn off again. LOL.

The primary differences between the 7000 and 8000 is that the 8000 has a rechargable keyboard and back lighting. Besides that they are identical.

I like the diNovo Media Desktop Laser keyboard that I have. It has minimal shortcut keys (something I don't use a lot). It has volume control, play control, and four other buttons that I don't even use.

The 7000/8000 keyboard has all sorts of buttons I would have no use for.

I'd like to stay wireless and plan on it. The batteries for the keyboard last forever so I have no reason to go back to a wired keyboard.

I think I am going to go with the 7000 for now. Decisions, decisions. =]
I'd recommend ms ergonomic 4000 as a keyboard. Look at the ms laser 5000, ms habu or ms intellimouse explorer 2.0 as matching mice.


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I ended up ordering the Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000. I purchased a wireless notebook mouse (6000) for my notebook and I was very impressed with not only the hardware but the software as well. This alone was the reason I went with the Microsoft offering over the Logitech offering.


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Let me know if you suffer any issues using the bluetooth module in your notebook under Vista. Apparently there are issues with it, at least at bootup, using wireless devices.


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I currently have a Bluetooth setup. The only issue I have under Vista is that the Bluetooth icon will not stay hidden. It likes to reappear at startup and when I insert a CD/DVD or plug my external USB hard drive in.

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