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Tiger's Dictionary


I may actually be insane.
As you may of noticed, OS 10.4 includes a new app "Dictionary" ... which in itself is pretty self explanatory as to what it does. I have today been told that this new app can also be used in almost any native OS X application (Such as Safari) to look-up words on-the-fly so to speak.

Simply hold Command+CTRL+D and hover your mouse cursor over any word and a definition shall pop-up for you to read. I just had to share this as it's damned cool, and exceedingly handy, I'll probably begin to use it as much as the o/s-wide "as you type" spell checking :D

screen capture:


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Yep, I listed that in the Hidden Features thread! No screenshot, though. ;)

Also posted in that thread...
Cmd+Shift+4, then Cmd+Ctrl+D, then click on some text; the dictionary popup will remain active and follow your cursor until you click on the desktop or other non-text area.
I don't even have a Mac and I knew about this feature ages ago. :D Must have seen it in some thread on Neowin or something. Definitely something Henyman could benefit from. :p


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Interesting but a useless feature IMO. I would rather see a dictionary in the dashboard that worked (for those that spell poorly). :)


I may actually be insane.
It has close suggestions (think google), however the o/s-wide spell checking should suffice for corrections. Dictionaries are mean for definitions after-all.

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