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Tiger Woods 2007


I've recently been in contact with EA Support over an issue I've been having with getting TW2007 to load after it loaded successfully after playing it for about a week.

I even went as far as try it on a 2nd PC and it did the same thing, the game loaded a few times and then the same issue with trying to load it.

After several suggestions by their support staff, a little lightbulb went off for me and I thought of trying compatibility mode. I went to the game's shortcut and enabled compatibility mode to Windows 2000, tried the game and it loaded fine :dead:.... I went back and disabled the compatibility mode, tried the game again and it works fine now.

My question for you is, why would this happen? What would have changed on either system that 'compatibility' mode being on in order to load it once and then turn it off and have it work like normal again?
(I also wanted to post about here in case someone else came to this site looking for help with the game's loading problems)


Status update: meh! The game ran fine (for a few days) after I found a fix now it's back to it's original problem and my cure doesn't fix it now. (Someone remind me why I continue to support EA and their junk...)

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