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The issue I'm having is with the TIE Fighter 95 cd, fromt he X-Wing Collectors series. THe game was built to run on Win 95, but It ran fine with my setup when I had win 98. Now it won't run at all in regular XP mode, it encounters an error. If I run it in 95 or 98 compatability mode, it gives me the error "joystick not plugged in", and says it can't run the game because the game needs a joystick. My stick is plugged in, calibrated, and it ays "OK", not only that but it works for every other game i use it for. So any ideas on how to get this thing working? Any help would be great.
Thanks all.
Well, the only TIE Fighter patch I found there was a mission patch that does nothing for my problem. If you could be a bit more specific, I'm not sure where else on teh site there would be one?
Yeah, had a look myself.

Makes me wonder if it is a Microsoft issue that games run in compatibility mode won't have proper directx support (hence your joystick won't work)
If it is, then I am sure MS would love to fix it.

X-Wing is an old game, but a classic ;)
Indeed the series is classic. Would you be able to suggest any ways to get in contact with MS Tech without having to pay through my ass? I know theyre tech support line is an expensve investment......
First we would have to check that this error happens with all other old dos games, I suppose.
Thats the thing though, this is not a DOS game. There is a DOS version of the game, but this game was remade for Windows 95 and packaged with the originoal X-Wing which was also remade, it was called "The X-Wing Collectors Edition" If you look on the LEC support page, it lists two separate games "TIE Fighter" and "TIE Fighter (X-Wing Collectors Edition). There is no DOS involved, in gameplay or installation.
Oops, thats what I mean't.
Games that have to be run in compatibility mode basically.

Some games that run in Windows95 won't run on the newer operating systems, its just the way that is, I am not even sure if Microsoft support Windows95 anymore.

What I want to finf out if compatibilty mode, has issues with DirectX ?
Well, it looks like there is an issue here, but I don't know how we could figure out if its an issue with any other games.

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