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Ti4200 Problems


Smokin & Jokin

Got a Gainward 64mb Ti4200 GF4 Gfx card and its given me so
much s**t since I've had it.
Whilst playing games or watching DVD's the computer hangs and this screen is displayed.....
Unless someone can come up with a solution to this......
My gfx card is gonna become my dogs new chew toy ;)

I been reading on other forums and this one.....that loads of ppl
suffer from this problem with ti4200, crappy Nvidia 4 u......
(/me starts savin up for ATI 9700 pro:happy: )

One more thing......
Do monitor refresh rates affect fps rates in games?
I been playing Counter Strike and I realised that with my old
monitor that could only do 85hrz refresh rate...... could only get up to
85fps and no more.
With my new beasty monitor :D which can do 100hrz....I only
get 100 fps :huh: :huh: :huh:
Is it possible to get a higher fps with this monitor?

HELP HELP HELP!!!!!! :happy:


wow. I have a Ti 4200 by PNY and I've never had any problems with it..

that might be just a defective card, why don't you exchange it for a new one of the same model. If nothing else, you'll at least illiminate that possibility.

Also go to nVidia's site and look around for their preferred BIOS settings, then go into your BIOS and make the proper changes.. The BIOS settings might be located on the manufacturer's site rather than nVidia, actually you should check the manufacturer's site before nVidia, and do what they say.
i have that same card and have also had that happen and believe that its a driver issue with the card. Its only happened to me twice and every time i reboot and get back up and running windows says that it has recovered from a serious error due to a device driver with the video card.

Is this something that happens alot or rarely???

Also what are you doing when it happens, Its only happened to me when I was using IE, with about 10 windows open.

da rock

gainward let a batch of bad cards (bad mem.) slip out the door awhile back. i rma'd 2 of the myself. it may be that you have one of those,if so perhaps you could return it for a refund. i belive the 64 mb models were the only ones w/ the bad ram,the 128's should be ok.;)


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concerning the first part of your question... you either have hardware damage due to overclocking or there is a driver issue...if you have not done the former @ all then it is almost certainly a driver problem... don t worry about it too much though coz nvidia has driver sets out the crappola... am sure one of them should help you out...

also don't rely on everything all the tom/dick and harry lads say on many forums... most of them have not a clue what they are actually saying... try and sift through and see which posters ACTUALLY have a clue what they are talking about... far too many people blame their products without real reason... :) it is the nature of hardware to have issues since there are so many combinations they can be used in :) not everything will be 100% compatible off the fly..

if it was oc'd and damage might have occured... nothing you can do but stiff it out and live with the artifacts or get a new card...

answering the second part of your question... look @ my setup... how many fps do you think I can get in cs with my 9700pro :)

150 ? 200? 300 even ? nope... 100fps... thats the maximum that you can get with the halflife game engine... don't matter how fast your monitor's refresh is.. hl can only generate @ 100fps :)


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Originally posted by Reaper_1049
the picture you attached is exactly what i experienced w/ the 2 cards i sent back .neither card was oced and i tried several diff. driver versions. theres a large post @www.overclockers.com addressing this same issue.
in that case better to do what reaper is suggesting since he has had experience with this before :)


it is better this way too... that it is software instead of hardware... life is so much simpler then :cool:


Smokin & Jokin
Hmmmm.....a lot of interesting comments....
Think its safe to say 64mb ti4200 is the cream of crap:eek:
Reaper, did u ever get a working card back?

da rock

after my 2nd rma i decided to go w/a albratron ti4200p turbo,best choice i've made in sometime! like i said tho the 128 ver of the gainward cards didn't seem to be affected w/ the bad ram prob.

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