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12 Jan 2006
Hey Everyone,

I'm pulling my hair out right now because I CANNOT get Thunderbird to save my emails on the right hard drive. I have a 60gb SSD which has 5gb free space, I installed thunderbird (to a drive other than the SSD mind you) and it still stores my email in the local folder. Ok whatever. I found a guide that told me to move the emails and then redirect thunderbird via account settings > local. I did that, redirected it to an entirely other HDD, moved the files. Restarted Thunderbird and still it goes to the local (it actually looks like its going to the roaming folder) on the C Drive.

Please Help!!!

P.S. I gave up on outlook because I couldn't find any help anywhere about this.
It's been a while since I used thunderbird.. did you move the profile using the profile manager and the associated guide on moving your profile? That is really the best (and supported) way to move your profile and is what I have used in the past to move the profile and set Thunderbird to use the moved profile as the default. If you just moved the files, Thunderbird will not know it's moved so it creates a new profile
Hey thanks for the reply!
I just copied the files individually then pointed thunderbird to the folders (what the guide said). It wasnt working at first because the guide just said to move the local files. I had to move the roaming files as well. Each profile separately (huge headache). But it appears to be working now. I wanted to use Outlook which I'm familiar with but I tried for ever and could not get it to go.
Thanks again for the help! It really is stupid that there isn't a plain-sight option... I mean more and more people nowadays seem to have SSDs for the OS and crucial programs only and thus not much space.

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