Thumbs down to xpbench



Now I score high in 3dmark2001 and other bench (reliable programs). Xpbench Depending on which nvidia driver you use you can go from a score such as 83 to a score as high as 15000+. Now this makes for a very unsure are unreliable benchmark to me in xpbench.
On games I rock at high fps for say unrealtournament 340+, Quake 3 175+ and so forth and to see some of this lower end systems out benching me on xpbench, I dont believe this type of benches. Im not going to switch drivers just to outbench ppl there when all the older drivers do is lower my fps in my game play. 21.83 was really nice and now using 27.42 which on my system with refresh fix is very stable on windows xp professional. Both this drivers have gave me my highest 3dmark scores. when xpbench comes to be a reliable and not depending on drivers you use then maybe it will go somewhere are be worth while on the downloads which only takes a sec to download and a sec to use.
Bench your system out and test, and you will see how unreliable this program is, I can see minor adjust in score you know like in 3dmark2001 you might jump 200 on driver switch are might fall 200 are maybe only a couple marks fall are go up.
I used xpbench on my older system and scored 14000+ with just a normal g-force 3 card and older drivers 21.88 and a 1200 amd tb, xpbenched my system im on now with 27.42 get this 83 total score, now that is funny when my current 3dmark2001 is at 7643 score.

System Info;
1800+Amd Athlon Xp - Leadtek G-Force 3 TI 500td
A7v266e - 768mb 3ns ddr ram
80gig ibm 7200rpm, 60gig ibm 7200rpm
Asus 50x, Plexwriter 24/10/40a
Soundblaster Audigy, logitech dual optical eye
KDS 21inch monitor, Realtek 10/100lan
I also agree its a pile of junk ....

My score was 53 ? wtf ....

On a GeForce 3 with the latest 27.42's which kick ass on 3D mark 2000

i think they brought this program out to save them from being squashed by TGTsoft :)
i think they brought this program out to save them from being squashed by TGTsoft

Right on the money.... Windowblinds is nice if your not running XP but its not near as effective as what can be done with something that's part of the OS.. Not just some topical solution...

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