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thumbnail view are wrong



I'm not sure where to really ask this question but here should be fine.........when I veiw a folder with jpg's or bmp's or whatever in it as a thumbnail view......the pic isn't the full sixe of the square like it used to be..... can someone tell me how to fix dis please?


saved jpeg's become bmp's

I cannot answer this question. I also have problems with picture file icons. when I'm on a web page, right click, then left click on properties (yeah I know, all web pics are jpegs!), the photo is a jpeg. So I right click again on the same photo and save it to disk as a jpeg. When I look at the pics file icon in thumbnail view, it does not have the Win fax & ???? viewer Icon on it and it and it is not showing the photo in the Win Viewer. If I double click it, then up comes the Window Viewer displaying the photo. Now I right click on the photo in Win Viewer for properties and it is a bmp. Does thumbnail view only show jpeg's? Yes, this does not happen all the time; sometimes, a jpeg is saved as a jpeg and I can see it's image in thumbnail view. I even though I was somehow clicking the bmp for file type, but I not, and most of the time Save As File Type gives only one chose either jpeg or bmp. I read that some of OnTrack's products like Uninstall 2.0 come with a batch image file converter. Anyone got an idea, or know about image file converters? Also, some HTML pages I save off the web in MHTML achive format, don't show an image in thumbnail view, yes some do. My PC has a gig of ram and ATI8500dv card, all appearing to run correctly with WinXPpro.:)


Rename GIFs having no extnsion to .gif?

Thank you for responding. Microsoft Support helped me reload Registry entries needed for Thumbnail view in Windows XP Explorer to again show .GIF and HTML files. So I can now view newly saved .gif or html files, but not those files I saved saved as GIFs when that formats registry entry was corrupted. Windows Explorer says the file type is GIF, and right clicking for the open files properties also shows it be a GIF. However, because these files don't have any extension, thumbnail still will not show them. I open and view these files by double clicking on them; Windows then asks me to choose a program to use as a viewer; Win Fax Viewer and IE 6.0 both work.

However, to view these GIF in Thumbail view, I need rename them to have the extension .gif. Anyone know if DOS will do this? Of course, there are utilities to rename files, but will they write an extension to files having no extension?

My plan is to put this files in a sub directory (Folder) that is only one level in from the directory that the DOS utility come up in. Then CD:\that directory\then folder holding the files with no extension. Next from within renameing directory type C:\...\...\Rename *.* *.gif. I never liked DOS much, and I'm still a bit intimidated by it. Any ideas about this method of writing an extension or an alternitive method, would be greatly appreciated.

Also, anyone know of other picture or graphic formats that have a Registry entry to view thumbnails in WinXP Explorer, and how to obtain them?


To begin with the last usually all commonly used formats can be viewed as thumbnails (jpg,jpeg,bmb,gif,png,tif,psd). Should be enabled by default. To rename your gif-files I would use Powerrenamer or IrfanView. I'm no DOS expert at all but I think you could do no harm with your planned method as long as you copy and not move your pictures. If it is not important that the files keep their original names you can batchrename them directly with XP. Just mark them, rightclick the first, choose rename, type for instance abc.gif, press enter and the filenames will be abc (1).gif, abc (2).gif ... I fear that's all I can contribute for the moment, but perhaps now that this thread is pushed up again someone who knows the solution might see it. Good luck!


I will search for Powerrenamer and IrfanView. Renaming the GIFs in sequential order as you have suggested will not work for me. However, I did not know that XP Explorer could do that type of sequential renaming, nor that thumbnail would show png, tif and most important for me .psd. Thanks yoyo


Power Renamer XP used to be available from this site (Downloads still down I think). You can find it at http://membres.lycos.fr/daty2k1/Power Renamer XP.zip. Irfanview is available at: http://irfanview.tuwien.ac.at/english.htm Get the viewer and the plugins. If you don't manage to repair the thumbnail view of XP you can also browse your folders with Irfanview thumbnails. Really a great programm and completely free. Bill Gates would have made millions out of it.) Do make Irf.V. options available directly from the rightclickmenu you might also get the IrfanView ShellExtension 1.02 from http://www.baxbex.com/products.html. Another good converter with a nice extra is ImageConverter basic. It puts a thumbnail just in the context menu. (Will stop converting after 30days if you don't buy it, but the thumb remains working. http://batch.fcodersoft.com/icbasic ). I attach a screenshot. Loved to promote some of my favorite toys.

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