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ok, I understand the moderators are trying to keep the forum streemlined by combining threads into common FAQ topics, but when they are consilidated before questions are answered it makes it a great deal harder to ever get a response. if you are going to combine threads, could you please wait until the question has been answered? thanks.


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NawdaKh said:
Or maybe we can have the questions asked in the FAQ threads BEFORE they're posted in this forum. Hmm?
Well whenever a question gets asked in the FAQ it DOESN'T get answered. the whole point of a forum is to post questions and get them answered. when many questions are posted under the same thread it becomes very confusing and almost impossible to get a straight answer from anyone. I'm all for having posts in the FAQ, but they should have answers first, otherwise it just defeats the purpose.


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This is true most of the time....However in Razr world the same question gets asked repeatedly because people do not read the FAQ. Most of these problems have been asked and answered already, it just takes some reading to find the answers you need. However, in Razr world as in real life people think that the problem they are having is unique to please read the FAQ becuase it has a lot of answers, and then if you problem is truly unique we will dispatch a Razr Guru to sort you out and answer your question. thank you for participating, have a nice day. :)


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That says it all. Most users fail to read the posting guidelines for the sub forum and then don't post the question in the right place. However, new threads and posts can be tracked from User CP.

Quite frankly, we are an OPERATING SYSTEM help forum, not a phone forum. We cater to the needs of RAZR users because Venom was nice enough to provide the information. All we ask in return is that users follow the guidelines.

If we didn't merge threads in the sub forum then it would become out of control and unmanageable.

Question answered, thread closed. Thank you.
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