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Thoughts on Wacom Tablets?

Hard to believe a site as dedicated to graphics such as this (themes, wallpapers, misc. visual mods, etc) has had no discussions on tablets. That or the migration hasn't completed.

I'm itching to buy one from Wacom who I gather make the most used tablets, consumer and commercial? They do have some really low-budgeted models. Is there a great difference in the Graphire vs Intuos series? The Cintiq (sp?) line is gorgeous, but that's just expensive as all hell.

Comments are appreciated.


talk about critical. if I could afford a wacom I would have one now. hopefully in the next month or so I will have one.
What model do you plan on splurging on? I would honestly love to have a 12x12 Intuous; and be in debt for the next year.

Just inquired about a 4x5 Graphire3 which are $125 CND, so I'm sitting on the fence as to whether or not I should get it or wait til I've saved up for a Intuous/Cintiq.



I can get the $200 one for $150ish since I am a student. It seems to be the best thing for graphics. Especially the Intuos2 4 x 5 ... yummy.
Decided to pick up the Graphire3. I''ll upgrade my hardware when I've gain experience -- it'll give me incentive to practice more.

Note: the pen feels extremely ackward at first. This may be because I haven't drawn anything in awhile using a pen/pencil.


nice... now I have to keep up with the Jone's ... must order one. Today. Must Must Must. /me goes searching


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I had a Wacom tablet for Windows 98/ME. Found it difficult to get used to because the sensor is very sensitive to the movements of the pen. Also, you need to hold the pen at 90 degrees to the tablet in order to get enough accuracy in what you are doing (i.e. drawing) otherwise the cursor moves out of position.

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