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Thoughts On UT2K3.


North Seed
What do you guys think?
Comparing it to UT.

At 1st I didn't like it. The CTF map is useless but I got used to it. Right now BR is my fav to play.


F@H - Is it in you?
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I love ut2k3... I liked it from the start

I only play instagib right now... its brilliant

I love the ctf map actually... with instagib it is unbelievable...


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Over the past few months I've gotten addicted to Bombing Run mode. I've been a CTF guy for years. I think that's going to change now.


Electronic Punk

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Very cool game indeed, at first I thought it was a ripoff of Q3 but there is serious UT undertones in there and this thing has more spit shine on it than Quake3... well impressed.

I haven't even disabled the announcer, I must have been one of the first people to download this demo on dialup :)

Started getting it before the mirrors went up, as I was sat in the ETG chatroom and it took a good 7or 8 hours ;)


Pretty good. I don't like comparing it with UT as they feel totally different games, both fantastic. Love BR, been playing it loads. And it runs great on my 1.2Ghz, gf2mx - for which the leak ran shite. N1 Epic/DE/Atari(?) :D


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The game is great, but hope they change the Rocket launcher rate of fire and Minigun damage. A lot of discussion on the UT forums about that.

Other that that, love it! :D


I loved the graphics and gameplay but I really prefer games that have a storyline, like Q2 or something........really UT and Q3 are VERY similar, and unless you have top notch broadband and/or LAN to play with your buddies.....you'll have to play SP and it's not as fun to shoot just bots....I don't think I'll buy it...
Well I have been playing Bombing Run for a bit now and love it.

Also with my tinkering and my want for the Pulse Gun the CTF map, I have found that the cheats are the same as the orig Unreal Tournament ones. I love that Pulse Gun.

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