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Those supermachines

Before I start, i'd like to mention that I was born with my foot in my mouth, so if anybody takes offence, TOUGH!!

There are flash signatures, GIF signatures images of all shapes and sizes, and there are many words of wisdom held within signatures, but do we really need the entire bl**dy history of all those supermachines. I mean, are they phallic or macho or something, does listing ones entire hardware content turn one on??. I have a computer, and I love it to pieces, but I sure as hell don't need to share it with the world to reap it's full potential!!

Right, i'm sitting here, waiting to take it like a man, chin poised for all the crap that's going to be flying my way!

ta ta

TOK:p :p


OSNN Godlike Veteran
I don't find them extremely annoying but I sure as hell don't read them. To some, maybe it like seeing who has the biggest .... :D



What could you be talking about?:D

Sorry lol...didn't realize it was a problem, just put it all on there so if people needed to know that stuff to help me then they didn't have to ask.

thats like asking ...do we really need public toilets and share it with everybody ? I mean does that turn you on ?

lol hell no. .. its just comon and normal, thats it !

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