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those annoying bubbles



Does anyone know where I can get a download to get rid of those lovely pop up bubbles, especially the one that appears down near the clock telling me that I can get updates..
Connie :)

Perris Calderon

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To remove XP balloon tips, in the Registry editor (regedit) navigate to:

\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced...set enablebaloontips to 0


Real Name No Gimmicks
Or maybe, just maybe disable the balloon tip using a check box in the advanced options of Folder options

Open my comp, click tools, point to Folder options. Click on advanced, and look for 'enable baloontips'

I'm not sure bout the location, but I could swear I saw that option somewhere...


You might want to think twice about disabling the bubbles if you're running a notebook. I did it, and never saw the low battery warning.

Then I wondered why Windows went into hibernation all of a sudden, without warning.

Perris Calderon

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dissabling the bubbles also causes my hidden taskbar to pop up for the period of time the whatever bubble would have been there, and that's really anoying


The posting above by Dealer works very well but let me amplify on his directions for those going into uncharted territory (the registry).

1. Open regedit (If you can't figure out how to do this or do not feel comfortable with any of the steps below, STOP - you should not go any further).

2. browse to:

3: Right click on "Adcanced" then select "New" then "DWORD Value".

4. Enter a new DWORD Value: EnableBalloonTips

5. It should default to a value of 0 (zero) but check to be sure.

6. Close regedit and those supremely annoying balloons will be gone forever.

I find it incredible that a company such as Microsoft, with all their collective IQ, provides such a universally unwanted and aggravating feature that has virtually no value. Why do they want to piss off so many people and get so little in return for the effort?

I learned the instructions I detailed above from a column in the latest issue of MaximumPC Magazine (March - page 14). My only connection to this magazine is that I pay for a subscription. I think it is one of the best rags out there now as a source of excellent and seeming candid information.

Perris Calderon

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The balloons aren't so bad in the beginning, there should be a rule with each balloon popup, that would be cool...ps,...ms did recognize what you just posted, so the put a dissable balloons in the power toys, problem is, power toys isn't available any more

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