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So now that I have downloaded this, how do you make it work? I've read the Readme.txt which was as clear as mud since I am running XP Pro.
Win2k instructions say to click on Add/Remove Hardware Wizard applet, all I have is the Hardware Wizard. Windows NT instructions say to right click on the .inf file and choose install-there are 2 in the zip file so which one? Thought I had it once but it never reloaded on a reboot, and in fact the applet in the CP disappeared too!
And while I'm at it, I read the guide and am still unsure of what exactly this does. Does it create a 'drive' out of my extra RAM? I have 512 meg RAM with about 300 meg always free and thought if that's what it was doing then why not try this. And them how do you make directories on it, if it is constantly being wiped at every reboot? Or do you just dump your cache into the root?
And as always, thanks for any help
very very very cool - If I can get it to work.

I can install the NT version and it will be there when i reboot, but as soon as i try to adjust the size it doesn't load on the next boot-up. If one of y'all have got this puppy firing on all cylinders, a step-by-step guide would be GREATLY appreciated. Oh, and screen-shots for those of us in the "I don't know what all dem cool numbers is for but i'd sure like an example so's i can play too" crowd would go over real well :D


ok this is totally confusing, i managed to install it on windows xp pro and i get this screen .... now wht? lol

i got 128 mb ram, 700mhz



Hi, i've attached the screen shots .... heres wht i get when i double click on the icon in Control Panel ...
and i dunno wht to do next :



I consider myself somewhat intelligent when it comes to computers and installing programs, hardware and know how to reverse what I've done, and/or debug if there is a problem. But I must say this one has me stymied!:confused:
I totally got rid of the other program and downloaded the one Alec suggested. (somehow I knew Alec would have something!)
I unzipped the file to a temp folder. I read the APKRamdiskinstall.txt which told me to use the add/remove hardware applet in the CP, which I don't have, just the Hardware Wizard. So I thought I could just right clicked on the Ramdisk.inf file and choose 'install'. And nothing!:( Even tried a reboot after the install and still nothing. So where did I go wrong??
I really would like to try this out, but it seems it's just not meant to be.
I have more questions but they are moot unless I can get this to install.
Alright, I've been experimenting with this thing trying to get it to work for me. There seems to be a 64mb barrier that I'm having trouble getting past. I'm pretty certain this has to do with the program's "Geometry" and "File System" settings, but I don't know what to set them at to get past the 64mb barrier i've encountered. Hopefully someone knows a lot more about these settings and can help me out. i've included a screen shot of these things and will describe all the options available.

The available settings for Geometry are:
Bytes per sector: 512, 1024, 2048 and 4096.
Sectors per track: 8, 16, 32 and 64.
Tracks per Cylinder: 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16.

The available settings for File System are:
Sectors per cluster: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32.
Maximum root directories: 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and 2048.

Anytime I try to set the size larger then double the 64mb barrier (you'll see in the pic that it's set at 122 but only builds at 64) I get an error in my event viewer system log (lower right of screen shot). I have 1.5gig of RAM so resources are far from being exhausted. I want to build a RamDisk between 1 to 2/3 of available RAM (500 to 1000mb). Any help or explanation of the available option settings would be grateful :D .


Well Alrighty!!!!

Finally I got it!!!
Thank you!!! :D :D
I changed my cache folders for IE and Netscape to the Ramdrive and the speed difference on the web is incredible!
So with this and the Registery Cleaner I think I owe you a few bucks-where to send? LMK

Thanks again!


uh i'm really confused ... ok so i installed it ... uh this is where the confusion starts :D

so i get these options and stuff ... wht am i trying to do here?

edit: i just downloaded URE program which i'm tryin to figure out as well :p


ok i have it installed ... now where it says bout the temp path, wht do i put it? c:\windows\temp ?
and how much mb ram should i set it to?



ok, i run a 128mb ram 700mhz system, and i moved the slider all the way to 32mb ... i made a folder in z:\ called 'temp' ...
I changed the temp internet files path to z:\temp as well, and i set the limit to 15mb ... is that alrite or is it supposed to be a lot bigger?

and can i make the size of z:\ more then 32mb? can I and am i supposed to?




oh yeah i had the other ram program installed earlier, and its still in my control panel ... how do i uninstall it?



Originally posted by AlecStaar

That's fine actually on your sizing of it for now with 128mb RAM, you can always resize after if you need to...

On your second post I quoted: That's a .cpl (Control panel File) that is usually found under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 you can remove if you like! You can probably find it pretty easy as it is probably named RAMDISK.CPL or something like that... just delete it if you want to!

(That .cpl will not work with my program I do not believe, not using the same parameter areas I do in registry, but I have seen ones that do & have one here no less that works with my program just fine!)

* :)

oh ok, so wht if i wanna uninstall ure prog? wht do i do then?

and whats the big diffrence between yours and that other one? dont they do the same thing?



oh ok, thanks man ... but i was wondering, i only set the max size of the internet temp files like 15mb ... is that enough? or should i set it to 32?

I emailed AR Soft Ram about their Ram Disk Utililty and the problem I was having with the 64mb barrier. Their response, "Sorry, but at the moment their is a limitation of the RAM Disk Size of 64MB. We would correct this as soon as possible. Also a customer has reported, that the RAM Disk does not work under Windows XP."

Just thought I'd pass that along.

Before I received this response I kept fiddling around with the thing and managed to get it running at 121mb so, at least on my machine, it works with XP up to this size. Here's a screen shot of the settings I'm using:


New AR Soft RAM Disk available

Today we have finished your work on AR Soft RAM Disk Version 1.10

Now the RAM Disk allows a Disk Size without any limit, except the system specific limitations (physical memory and system configuration)

AR Soft RAM Disk
WAY COOL, i'll get right on it and post the results.

Question, will installing the newest one overwrite the old one for me? Or do in need to perform some sort of uninstall?

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