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This spyware/popup wont go away!



I hae been getting his pop-up from "endads.com" it randomly pops up een when i am not on the internet. I hae tried eery pop-up remoal tool. help.


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You want to disable the 'Messenger Service.' Go to Run and type 'services.msc' (no quotes) and then disable this service.

A similar thread exists here.


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This is directly from MicroSquish...
Stop Messenger Service Popups

The Messenger Service, not to be confused with Windows Messenger, is used to send messages across a network or LAN. Spammers have found that they can exploit this to send messages to your computer, when you're connected to the Internet. However, the Messenger Service is not the problem. The reason that they can send these messages is that your Internet connection is not secure. The use of a firewall will stop these messages. For detailed information on Windows XP's built-in firewall, open Help and Support and search for "firewall".

To enable XP's built in firewall, Open Network Connections, or right click My Network Places and select Properties.

Right click the Dial-up, LAN or High-Speed Internet connection that you want to protect and select Properties.

On the Advanced tab, under Internet Connection Firewall, select one of the following:

To enable Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), select the Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet check box.

To disable Internet Connection Firewall, clear the Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet check box.

If you have a valid reason to run without a firewall, then you can disable the Messenger Service. Go to Start, Run and enter SERVICES.MSC. Locate the entry for Messenger. Double click this entry and set it to Stopped and Disabled.
You can also use your own Firewall Proggy if you don't want to use the built in Firewall that XP has... such as Zone Alarm, Norton Personal Firewall 2003, BlackIce Defender or whatever.
Ad-Muncher will also take care of the problem with Messenger Service and many other pop-ups. You can even enable IP scramble on this magnificent pop-up program. (The best I've tested so far, and I've tested most of them).

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