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This site crashes Firefox !


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This has been happening for a while. I thought someone already knew about it. Anyway, Every time I come here I have to come back about four or five times because it is crashing firefox left and right. I know it is this site; it only does it on this site. So could someone please look into it ??


.. Commodore ..
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madmatt said:
Here's a classic Johnny line...

Switch to Internet Explorer.
I'm not going back to internet explorer till vista comes out. or they release an update of ie7. firefox works great for all webs sites excpet this one. For some reason it don't cooperate. I am thinking it could very well be an extension I have installed ..


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Works fine for me.

I rarely use FF though. It's too slow and takes up too much memory :(
Clear cache, and delete the Mozilla folder (or back it up, then delete it)

%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Mozilla

I'm using FF at work b/c some of my Java / VPN solutions are not quite working with it properly yet, so I left IE6 on. I got addicted very quickly to tabs when the beta arrived.

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